At M & M Seafood, we are aware that as an importer of seafood, we hold a level of responsibility when it comes to sourcing from sustainable locations. Therefore, wherever possible, we only source our products from specific suppliers who fulfil our requirements of producing a sustainable product.

We at M & M Seafood want to maintain our high standards and remain accountable.  we continually monitor the changing situations with up to date information, not only from our suppliers but across the seafood industry.

This ensures that wherever possible, the seafood we supply to our customer base is responsibly sourced and subsequently produced.

We take pride and full responsibility for a supply chain that spans interactions from catch to customer. Due to our own high standards and expectations through this supply chain, we pro-actively work with and support a range of organisations who are dedicated to the improvement and long term sustainability of fish stock globally. We believe it is vital that we proide full transparency to all our customers.

We believe it is vital that we provide full transparency to all our customers. Therefore, we are able to provide you with in depth details with regards to all our products; such as, where the product came from, catch methods, when it was processed, and other information as requested. Consequently all our seafood is fully traceable from before we receive it, to the moment it arrives at your doorstep; due to the firm control we have over each step.